Education is a journey that never really ends. You may finish with school or college or get all the degrees you wanted. But the process of learning will go on. We all learn something new every single day and not necessarily through conventional academics. Sometimes the most unexpected people can teach us a lesson or two. What is important is to keep the doors to you mind open at all times.

We are in a world, where most of the education happens virtually, either on the laptop or computer or making use of mobile apps that educate. But then there still are some conventional games that do not need a computer, and can educate you in various ways. My favorite game is the ‘Would you rather’ questions’. They are fun and can help you start thinking in various directions too. The questions can be of various degrees as the option is open for you. You can add educational questions or make them funny too.

Some funny ‘would you rather question options that are fun at all times and places are as follows:

  • Would you rather be 4.5” or 7.9”
  • Would you rather be blind or deaf?
  • Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?
  • Would you live fat and happy or slim and bored?
  • Would you rather live without your mobile phone or a holiday? Etc.

Other educational games include:

Picture Quiz: Either invest in a board game or simply make up your own collection of words. Now the opponent has to pick a word and without speaking draw the meaning of the word while the others have to guess what the word is.

Word Builder: Come up with a long word and ask all participants to come up with as many words from within those alphabets as possible. They cannot add any letters of their own. Each set must contain at least one 4-letter word.

You can also come up with an impromptu vocabulary quiz where you either give a word and participants tell the meanings or the meaning and they guess the word.

Woodworking can be one of the most enjoyable hobbies known to man. As a beginner woodworker it is important to learn a few things first. First things first you need to figure out which path you want to take. Whether you want to make dollhouses and other smaller projects or create the best new furniture Safety is the most important thing to learn. Below are some key woodworking tips that you should follow. I will assume you have a place picked out for your woodworking perhaps in your garage or a well ventilated basement room.

That fancy power tool can cut through wood like a hot knife through butter your body is equally as easy. Most safety concerns are common sense. Here are a few safety tips for the beginning woodworker. Do not perform any maintenance such as changing bits, or blades on your power tools while they are plugged in. Always wear safety goggles at the least, but a good face shield is ideal. A dust mask, ideally a respirator is a good idea especially when using power tools, these tools create very fine dust which is not so good to inhale. A good pair of Kevlar gloves and push sticks is also good to keep those fingers safely away from the sharp cutting tools you’ll be using to cut that wood. Lighting is very important as you must be able to see what you are doing. Having a well stocked first aid kit and a fire extinguisher is advisable.

Beginning woodworking can become really expensive really fast. This is why it is important to decide what your passion is. Making larger objects requires larger tools. Many beginning woodworkers start off with smaller projects. Not only is the cost less but the art of woodworking is like anything else it takes time to develop your skills. Screwing up a birdhouse is much less costly then a new dresser. A good project for a beginner woodworker would be a small shelf perhaps as a gift for a loved one. My first project was a small shelf with hooks for my children’s backpacks.

As a beginner woodworker you should acquire some basic tools and supplies to get you started. You should stock up on an assortment of fasteners such as screws and nails, your local hardware store usually will have an assortment pack to get you started. A few sets of clamps are also a must I would recommend a decent pair of spring clamps, C-clamps and a corner clamp. Gather a good assortment of sandpaper for finishing your wood. I would recommend a good shop vacuum for clean up and use as a dust collector. Beginning woodworking requires a good selection of tools. You should at least have the following power tools a jigsaw, power saw, a router and power drill. You should also have the following hand tools a set of chisels, screwdrivers, a nail set, utility knife, a layout square and a level. A sturdy table to work on is also a must. Eventually you will want the best tabletop saw and a compound miter saw but these are relatively expensive and I would recommend waiting until you have completed a few of the beginner woodworking projects first. The costs of these supplies will add up and expect to spend upwards of $500 to start with. To save cost you can look in purchase second hand tools but be sure to inspect them for defects. Shopping online at Amazon or eBay can also be a great cost saving source for the beginner woodworker.

Now that we have our tools, and safety apparatus we need something to do with it all. Lumber comes in many shapes and sizes. Lumber is classified in a grading system which is beyond the scope of this article. Your lumber will be varying dependant on the project you are working on. Generally a better grade of lumber such as select grade is going to have a better finish and be leveled and straight, at a much higher cost. As a beginner woodworker it is often desirable to purchase less expensive grade lumber and work it to a better finish in the course of your project. Good luck with your new hobby. Remember be careful and take responsible steps to be safe.


The world and society that we live in has really high expectations for all of us. No matter what we do, from a homemaker to a corporate professional and a teacher to an actor, we all live such hectic lives that it almost gets impossible for us to concentrate on our personal life. This is the time when it gets important for us to realise how important it is for everyone to relax once in a while and sink in the beauty of life to feel fresh and rejuvenated. But the question here is- how to do it? If you are wondering the same, here we are with some great ideas for you to take an off from your busy life and spend quality time alone or with your close ones.

Things to plan for enjoying a good break

There are several activities that one can indulge in and relieve all the stress from their body to absorb great positivity. Some of the alternatives that you can cherish in order to have a great time includes:

  • Plan a family vacation and explore different parts of the world in a memorable way.
  • Visit your family members and friends or call them over to your place and re-live good old days for a great quality time.
  • Go to the mall and enjoy shopping at different stores. Check out what is new with fashion and select some clothing and accessories to enhance your look at work.
  • Stay back at home and catch up with the left-over tasks at home and enjoy your own company.
  • Book a spa appointment and have a relaxing time, both physically and mentally.

It is important for you in get involved in such activities as they offer you a much needed break from the busy schedule you are a part of. When it comes to taking leave, why worry. There are plenty of dependable options such as fake doctors note template for leave that can help you avail an off from work by making an excuse of your fake illness.

Do not hesitate from pampering yourself from time to time as you deserve it completely.

Like how a business set-up needs to follow certain rules and restrictions for its commencement, there are also certain rules and regulations for the employers towards the employees and for the employees towards the employers, which when defaulted might even go to the level of a legal hearing. The employers are responsible for promising only what is possible and try to transform and execute the same in actions. Just for the sake of bringing in employees for their work, they are not allowed to make some lavish, impossible promises. They are also committed to providing a safe and secure working environment and conditions to the employees believing which they come to them for employment.

A major area where there are possibilities for issues and tiffs is in terms of the final paycheck given to the employee at the time of his leaving the job. Here the employee has the upper hand. What to do if your employer is withholding your final paycheck? An employer is supposed to pay the final amount on the last day or within the period given by the employee. If this does not happen then the employee has all rights to receive salary for every single day of delay by the company without actually working for it.

Similar to this, even the employees have some responsibilities to be delivered to their employers. It is mainly in the form of the work they are assigned with. They have to work diligently, ethically and try to finish the work assigned to them on time so that there is no delay in the final work reaching the end customer. He is also expected to abide by all the rules and restrictions framed by the business for the smooth running of the organization and anybody found deviating from these would be punished legally.