Month: July 2017

Like how a business set-up needs to follow certain rules and restrictions for its commencement, there are also certain rules and regulations for the employers towards the employees and for the employees towards the employers, which when defaulted might even go to the level of a legal hearing. The employers are responsible for promising only what is possible and try to transform and execute the same in actions. Just for the sake of bringing in employees for their work, they are not allowed to make some lavish, impossible promises. They are also committed to providing a safe and secure working environment and conditions to the employees believing which they come to them for employment.

A major area where there are possibilities for issues and tiffs is in terms of the final paycheck given to the employee at the time of his leaving the job. Here the employee has the upper hand. What to do if your employer is withholding your final paycheck? An employer is supposed to pay the final amount on the last day or within the period given by the employee. If this does not happen then the employee has all rights to receive salary for every single day of delay by the company without actually working for it.

Similar to this, even the employees have some responsibilities to be delivered to their employers. It is mainly in the form of the work they are assigned with. They have to work diligently, ethically and try to finish the work assigned to them on time so that there is no delay in the final work reaching the end customer. He is also expected to abide by all the rules and restrictions framed by the business for the smooth running of the organization and anybody found deviating from these would be punished legally.