Month: November 2017

Education is a journey that never really ends. You may finish with school or college or get all the degrees you wanted. But the process of learning will go on. We all learn something new every single day and not necessarily through conventional academics. Sometimes the most unexpected people can teach us a lesson or two. What is important is to keep the doors to you mind open at all times.

We are in a world, where most of the education happens virtually, either on the laptop or computer or making use of mobile apps that educate. But then there still are some conventional games that do not need a computer, and can educate you in various ways. My favorite game is the ‘Would you rather’ questions’. They are fun and can help you start thinking in various directions too. The questions can be of various degrees as the option is open for you. You can add educational questions or make them funny too.

Some funny ‘would you rather question options that are fun at all times and places are as follows:

  • Would you rather be 4.5” or 7.9”
  • Would you rather be blind or deaf?
  • Would you rather have a third eye or a third arm?
  • Would you live fat and happy or slim and bored?
  • Would you rather live without your mobile phone or a holiday? Etc.

Other educational games include:

Picture Quiz: Either invest in a board game or simply make up your own collection of words. Now the opponent has to pick a word and without speaking draw the meaning of the word while the others have to guess what the word is.

Word Builder: Come up with a long word and ask all participants to come up with as many words from within those alphabets as possible. They cannot add any letters of their own. Each set must contain at least one 4-letter word.

You can also come up with an impromptu vocabulary quiz where you either give a word and participants tell the meanings or the meaning and they guess the word.